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IXIA SOFTIXIASOFT 825 Querbes Ave. - Suite 200 Montreal (Québec) Canada H2V 3X1IXIASOFT is the creator of TEXTML Server, the first XML Content Server for OEMs and developers of XML applications.

TeXtML Server

TEXTML is the underlying technology that enables unrivalled performance for a wide variety of applications with large volumes of documents such as patient health records management, company knowledge bases, government public records or WAP content. Every feature of our technology was created with XML in mind. The net impact is easier and faster access to information. NEWLOG is IXIASOFT's partner since April 2002 and sales in Italy


TPS Transport Planning Service srl, Via Settevalli, 133 I 06129 Perugia more info..

ANOTO AB is a Swedish hi-tech company with unique solutions for transmission of handwritten text from paper to digital media, scanning of printed text and intelligent camera surveillance. more info..




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